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4.3 Star Rating
278 reviews
George G.2 days ago
"Impressive amenities, beautifully staged apt, great location and landscaping. The manager, Denasha, is the epitome of professionalism. She answered all my questions. Her demeanor and friendly spirit was greatly appreciated. It was a delightfully pleasant experience in every way. I left with a good sense of Stonebridge living."
Adelaide P.2 days ago
"Bell is a great place to live! Staff is friendly and professional and the buildings are always clean."
Current Resident1 week ago
"Moving here was the best decision I've made! Truly hassle free living!"
Cora M.2 weeks ago
"I love residing here I would recommend to others. The staff is always courteous and professional, as well as helpful with any issue I may have, i,e. helping me with my computer understanding the pay rent on line and how to navigate whatever else I may need to do on the computer pertaining to stonebridge. As a senior citizen I really appreciate that."
Current Resident1 month ago
"Bell Stonebridge is an ideal and wonderful place to live. It's close to many stores, there's little to average amount of traffic considering the location so close to a strip mall. The interaction we've had with everyone in the leasing office is always pleasant and professional."
Current Resident1 month ago
"My overall experience living at Bell Stonebridge has been positive. I really enjoy the location and variety of options in the area."
Jeffrey S.1 month ago
"Responsive and professional staff and Great place to live!"
Vincent R.2 months ago
"Just a Great Place to Live! Cant say anything else!"
Allen H.2 months ago
"Excellent customer service and great location"
Current Resident2 months ago
"I never knew walking into Bell Stonebridge would change my life within 24 hrs. I now have a new home and I can say with confidence that I live in the nicest apartment complex in the whole Woodbridge. Quinton is an amazing, well mannered, sociable and professional leasing consultant. He made my whole process smooth and I am truly glad I walked in."
Charles G.2 months ago
"The community is AMAZING and the staff was courteous and knowledgeable"
Current Resident3 months ago
"a very pleasant and accomodating communitty"
Vincent R.3 months ago
"If your looking for an Apt.... Dont hesitate At Bell Stonebridge- move in! Youll love it!"
Allen H.3 months ago
"Great visit! I felt as if my wants and needs mattered."
Current Resident4 months ago
"Excellent location amenities and parking facilities. Amazing friendly, knowledgable staff!"
James P.4 months ago
"Safe, convenient location with option to transfer contract to other locations throughout the Nation if relocation is in the future."
Current Resident4 months ago
"a great experience so far in our initial month of occupancy"
Current Resident4 months ago
"I enjoy living here. The staff are professional, friendly and attentive. The building is well maintained and kept clean. And, you cant beat the closeness of the surrounding amenities."
Current Resident4 months ago
"My experience at your community was excellent. Bell Stonebridge is very conveniently located within the shopping center"
Cora M.5 months ago
"Bell Stonebridge is a wonderful place to call home. I love living here, all staff members are professional and courteous. The tenants needs are met in a timely manner with regards to respect for the tenants home. Suggestions, requests etc. are considered and respected."
Current Resident5 months ago
"In my wife's and my brief time living at Bell Stonebridge, so far everything has been up to our expectations."
Billy W.5 months ago
"Nicely done"
Current Resident5 months ago
"Love living at Bell Stonebridge, the management and staff are very friendly and helpful. Also great living right next to the Potomac town center!"
Brenda D.5 months ago
"I have been living here for about 5 years and I have never had any issues with the maintenance team or the staff that constantly helps the residents here with any issues, your pretty spoiled around here and I appreciate the staff even if Im personally having a bad day, all I have to do is have a conversation with Ms.Shev or Ms Linda and or Mr. Quincy who are the staff members here. They are always here to help. Thank you for all you do! Brenda DArcy"
Current Resident5 months ago
"Absolutely awesome living experience! The communal areas and exterior are always kept clean. Maintenance and staff are amazing! Very responsive, friendly, and efficient."
Current Resident5 months ago
"Bell Stone is a nice place to live, especially because of the convenience to shopping."
Nana A.5 months ago
"Bell Stonebridge has very professional staff and have warm feeling of home"
Current Resident6 months ago
"Nice place"
Beverly W.7 months ago
"Great place to live ,friendly and courteous staff!"
Current Resident7 months ago
"Very convenient, peaceful and secured living. We love it."
Current Resident7 months ago
"Convenience to everything you need to do and more,"
Current Resident7 months ago
"Im very pleased living here, Im treated with respect and professionalism. My request are handled in a timely manner. Office personnel always professional and care about the tenants."
Current Resident7 months ago
"Great community to live in! Staff is wonderful! Places are beautiful !"
Ann L.7 months ago
"Great neighbors, and many new friends. I love the convenience of being able to walk to the town center for groceries, shops, restaurants, summer concerts and events, and movies. I am so grateful for the covered parking garage. The office staff are friendly, courteous and professional. I think Ill stay here awhile"
Current Resident7 months ago
"Very pleasant environment. Safe, clean, quiet and centrally located...."
Current Resident9 months ago
"Modern and simple living. Contemporary design and friendly management."
Clifford W.9 months ago
"So far great place to live no problems so far ! Great staff to work with ! Always kind and helpful !"
Current Resident9 months ago
"Excellent experience. Quinton, our leasing agent, was great!"
Elizabeth T.9 months ago
"Fabulous community. Have only been here 1 month but we LOVE it. Staff is excellent, very kind, willing to help and timely with repairs."
Current Resident9 months ago
"I love the building and people are so nice. I am in love with my apartment and thank you to make the place confortable."
James L.9 months ago
"Great location and amenities."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Stonebridge had mixed reviews, some said that they could hear everything. I have been living here for two months and passed through two holidays thus far. I have no noise complaints at all. Its a pretty quiet and safe neighborhood. I love it here! 100% recommend!"
Elizabeth T.10 months ago
"Only been a resident for 1 week but so far very pleased and happy. Staff are friendly, responsive. Community is great, feels like home. Love it so far."
Current Resident10 months ago
"I really like the convenience and the closeness to shopping."
Charles G.10 months ago
"Great community as well as staff, nice friendly environment"
Current Resident11 months ago
"These are very beautiful apartments. The leasing staff are very professional and courteous."
David G.11 months ago
"Our visit to Bell Stonebridge in Woodbridge was a delightful experience. We were very impressed with the apartment floor plans. They were very bright and spacious and because of the 9 foot ceiling gave the impression of being much larger."